Our Story

We started out as a paper company all the way back in 1983. What started out as a family business is now a multinational producer of fine stationery. From our European headquarters in Amsterdam, we now boast many collections of textile-covered notebooks, boxes, envelopes, and shopping bags.

 Our products originate from a simple idea: the sensation of feeling.

 All our research and development is geared towards creating memorable, texture-based products that are practical in an increasingly digitised world. 

 Our designs are made in-house and continually developed according to evolving printing and manufacturing technologies. Designs, patterns, or logos are also adaptable to a wealth of fabric materials including linen, leather, suede, and more. 

 Our linen-based tartan products are printed with ultraviolet technology and strive for exceptional texture.

 We produce using the highest quality materials from Europe. As a textile country, Turkey provides us with the best fabric around. Slovakia produces our FSC certified ivory paper. It might interest you to know that we process some of the raw materials ourselves which is a family secret. 

 We combine the allure and nostalgia of the past with the latest manufacturing progress. In short, our products bring together the best aspects of handcraftsmanship and advanced production technology.

 We also invite brands to put their logo on our fine stationery products to explore unique possibilities such as increasing brand value, conversion rates or simply for gifting .Cartia believes that originality comes from creative expression and attention to detail.  If your brand values this approach, we welcome you to shoot us an email.


Who said that family secrets can’t be exhilarating?